Thank you for helping our community and the residents of San Carlos to reduce
energy waste and for taking actions to become more sustainable.

More than 700 households in San Carlos took part in this campaign to reduce energy waste.
San Carlos, Step Up and Power Down participants made pledges to save energy and many took the next step by taking actions such as
completing a Home Energy Checkup or Energy Efficiency Rebate Application.

You can also check out these resource downloads: energy efficiency guide for renters and road map to making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.


Keep up the good work -- we need you to continue taking action to reduce energy waste
because together, small changes add up to make a big difference.

San Carlos Step Up and Power Down



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About Step Up and Power Down

Step Up and Power Down is a community movement that everyone can join. We are focused on making simple choices that reduce our energy waste at home. When we all make small changes they add up to a big impact. Our homes will be more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient, and our community more sustainable. Doing this can also save money on our energy bills.